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Continuously investing in high quality with modern design and know-how, we appeal to those who want or need to wear the most elegant and comfortable in the European market, trying to keep the rationality of quality and price.
By aiming at continuous growth with high standards, we offer to Greeks, but also to the whole world, a better quality of life through a comfortable and healthy walking.






  • How to dry our leather shoes

    If the insole is detachable, remove it. NEVER expose our leather shoes to the sun, to strong heat sources or dry them with a dryer. If we drying them outdoors, keep shoes out from [...]

  • Keep your footwear free of odors  

    Always wear good quality, clean socks. Cotton or wool is ideal. If you wear synthetic be careful to be of high quality and antibacterial. Wash your feet regularly before put on the shoes and [...]





From now on we could wear anatomic shoes in our walk and in our job. Safe step combine modern design with comfortable gait.

Katerina, Athens

Last year I bought 2 pairs of Safe Step shoes. Since then I don’t want to buy other shoes. They are the only one that combines quality, comfort and elegance! I wish soon to find them in Chicago!

Panagiota, Chicago, USA

Consistency in quality and cooperation. New trends in fashion!

Anna Pandazi, Pharmacist

Fatigue and stature due to my job were a huge daily problem for my feet. With your shoes I found the solution to my problem and restful feet!

Antonis, Kozani, Greece

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